No, this is not a picture of me.  This is a photo of my soon-to-be husband; we’ll call him F.  This spring, when I began a modest little container garden, F. decided I needed something more.  Something I’d been dreaming of.  He took matters into his own hands, literally, and dug me a kitchen garden.

I’ve wanted one for years and years — even before I got into the relocalization movement and wanted to green my food supply.  My maternal grandfather was a farmer in Northeast Georgia for over 50 years, and my paternal Grandmother was obsessed with her city-bound flower and herb garden (terraced almost straight up behind her mansion in Buckhead, Atlanta).  I’ve just never had the opportunity to make my own in-ground garden.  I never owned my own place.

However, John, our landlord, said “Sure!” when I timidly asked if I could have a garden.  I don’t think he ever envisioned this.  When John first saw our efforts, he stood there in a shocked silence that really worried me.  (Uh-oh.)  But he’s since told me he loves to see the progress of our garden whenever he’s in the neighborhood, and he recently offered to loan us his rototiller to finish tilling the fall-extension garden bed!

F. was not very happy with me for taking this picture when he was all sweaty from digging.  But I personally thought he looked extremely attractive as he was in the process of giving me the best gift anyone had ever given me in my life.  Growing our kitchen garden this spring and summer has been such a pleasure, I really cannot put it into words — and I’m a wordy person.  (Check out my regular blog for proof.)  I decided to keep a photographic journal, partly because it was just so much fun to take pictures of all the bounty, and I now have a ton of photos.

My goal is to post one or more photographs each day documenting the progress of our little Victory Garden.  Because I began this project so late in the growing season, I will probably have no difficulty continuing into the winter months, posting the spring and early summer photographs for inspiration as we all begin to obsess over our seed catalogs 🙂

I hope you enjoy your tour of our garden!  Please feel free to comment and discuss your gardening woes and triumphs and discoveries.  I’d also love to receive links to pictures of your gardens in progress.  Gardeners are all one big, dirty family; aren’t we?

By the way, you can contact me here:  gardenforvictory<at>live.com.  Replace the <at> with an @, obviously.  And I can’t wait to hear from you!

Oh, and this is my copyright information, for those who are interested.

10 Responses to “About”

  1. Wordy indeed, I can attest to that 😉

  2. Wow, F is obviously an amazing man. What a wonderful gift a garden like that is. I love the photo and is that Leo watching the garden unfold?

    • It is indeed Leo. 😉

      Kudos to you for noticing. You are very observant and handle the details of life with care, Talon. I’ve realized this in reading your beautiful blog.

      And yes, F. is an amazing man. I feel very lucky. 🙂

  3. hola….de casualidad me encontre con tu perfil, y la verdad me he quedado maravillada por las bellas flores que tienes en tu pag.web.te felicito…bueno ha sido un gusto buenas noches…CARIDAD
    mi pag.web: carinegocio
    mi pag.web: Caridad Tovar.bye

    • Thank you, Caridad. I understand just enough of your language to get that you’re enamored of my pictures of flowers and sending congratulations my way after having accidentally stumbled upon my site via my profile. 🙂 I am so glad you did!

  4. I can so relate to the excitement of receiving worms instead of a diamond (I rarely wear the diamond ring when gardening anyways…so what’s the point of having it 🙂 So very nice to meet you! I look forward to sharing in your gardening experiences ….. Happy Gardening from Illinois!

    • Worms are awesome, and very clean. I have some right now in my bedroom, believe it or not, making me some sweet black gold (and I mean compost, not oil) for the spring planting season. They do it so quietly and efficiently, and I was amazed to discover the experts were right on this one: there is no odor of decomposition at all!

      Diamonds would be better if not for causing so much insanity among human beings. Nobody ever got shot, tortured, or enslaved over a bucket of red worms — so far anyway. And unlike diamonds, well, they continue to breed, so I cannot imagine there will never be a shortage. 😉

      Thanks for the good wishes.

  5. Hi M.E. – your blog was recommended by the plantfanatic in hawaii as a wonderfully written one – I agree! I love the title of the blog – I’m waiting until my tiny backyard is no longer needed as a soccer field to go for the full victory myself. This year, I planted my first veggies in two little “square foot gardens” – the bounty such a small space produces was astonishing. My whole family is now clamoring for home grown tomatoes. Nice to know you! Kelly

  6. Ah, husbands are never as handsome as when they’re toiling away on one of our pet projects. Congratulations on getting a garden growing. (from Lou Murray’s Green World)

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