“I think carnations are making a comeback.”

— Carrie Bradshaw (a character on Sex and the City)

Carnations are winners in my book.  Not only are they pretty and ruffly, but they last forever in the vase, and their scent is lovely, with a hint of spice at the heart that makes me lean in to sniff several times a day.

I’m afraid I did not properly follow up on my half-anniversary giveaway, and I do apologize to you for that.  With the move over to the other site ongoing, I guess I just forgot.  It’s getting a little difficult to keep up with both sites and all of the details, so if you haven’t visited The Enchanted Earth, please come on over and don’t forget to change your bookmarks, subscriptions, and links.  Soon the transition will be complete, and Victory Garden Redux will be a happy memory.

Thank you to everyone for your kind congratulations on my half-year anniversary of blogging.  Some of those comments were so nice they made me blush.  I hope to continue to meet your expectations for another half year and beyond.

Without further ado, the winners of the selection of seeds are:  Annie’s Granny, Jackie, and Carol.   I know Granny prefers lettuce (not just for herself, but I think for her adorable rabbit Cookie, too), and Jackie wants a selection of radishes to amuse her husband’s taste buds.

Carol, you’ll have to let me know your seed preference:  is it to be radishes, lettuce, or cucumbers?

I’ll be in touch with all three of you soon about addresses and details.

As for the rest of you who commented and who read this blog, you know you’re all winners to me!

3 Responses to “winners”

  1. Oh! Oh!

    I have nothing coherent to say, except that that photograph is beautiful. Oh!

  2. I love carnations, too, especially the scent of homegrown ones. I was suddenly transported to my backyard when I was teenager. My mom grew some small, spicy carnations and I loved them. I’ll have to see if carnations grow in Florida…

  3. Oh, lucky day! I just got back home from a week of travel and now I’m trying to go thru Google Reader and email – wow, it really piles up. (Hopefully I didn’t delete an email from you, but it’s possible.) The carnation photo is lovely. To be honest, I’ve been hating them for several years. But I could really go for THAT one! ~Jackie

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