focus: week seven

“Rough winds do shake the darling buds of” — February?  (Just one more reason why it really worked out well that Shakespeare was born in England.)

Everywhere I look these days, this one thing I see:  buds, whether elongating into slender points at stem’s end, rising in a row of knots along the length of a branch, or swelling to a ripe and rosy plumpness.

So how could this week’s Focus photo be anything but a bud?

Buds are the symbol of pure potential.  (Or maybe that’s newborn babies?)  As such, the image of a single bud rising to meet the blue skies is the perfect illustration of this week’s focus, as I jumped off to a new blog site, sowed the first seeds of the early spring incarnation of the kitchen garden, and began a new chapter of my book.

F. also got notification this week of the probable date of his doctoral defense.  Cross your fingers for us; won’t you?  This end-date means it’s time to start the job search in earnest, and that’s a little nerve-wracking in this scary economic climate.  I confess to also being a little worried about how we’re going to manage a job hunt plus his regular duties teaching and doing his research, plus my day job — and not attain a state of near burnout.

Still, seeing the bud of a new step in our life together begin to blush and swell on the limb this week has given both of us new resolve and focus.

11 Responses to “focus: week seven”

  1. Spring must be a bit further on with you than it is here. No buds yet – everything still looks dead. But this weekend the temperature went up for the first time. Maybe soon …

  2. Hi Meredith

    Its lovely to see all the buds swelling here too.

    So good to hear about the prospect of that new bud in your lives. Don’t let things overwhelm you both. Take each day at a time.

    “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself “.

  3. Wishing F. a ton of luck on his search. I just love the promise that’s in a single bud.

  4. Keeping my fingers crossed for you both.

  5. Good luck for job search and any juggling you may both have to do in the future. Our buds are budding too Meredith but perhaps not as much as yours yet. I think that the bard’s words do not directly refer to the month of May but to the hawthorn, also known as may and may blossom as that is when it flowers. If you travel through the English countryside in May you see its dripping creamy white flowers in profusion.

    • Thank you, Anna! I had no idea that there was a flowering shrub (or tree?) called the May. What a really wonderful discovery! I’ve never been to England and would never have realized. 😉

  6. I hope your hubby’s budding career fulfills every potential you have dreamed of. New growth does offer so much hope and promise. This is one reason I love spring. Everything is fresh and new and raring to go. Good luck!

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