focus: week six

This week, with a houseguest, visitors, a travel-inhibiting snowfall, and Valentine’s Day, the focus was on the home front.  So this photo of daily home life is my capture for the sixth week of Focus 2010.

Here are two of my favorite beings in the whole world, and it makes me smile to see them so happy together in our home.  What you cannot tell from the picture is that Leo is purring like mad and attempting to “make bread,” as we call it when he kneads any available surface to show his great, feline pleasure.

When Leo first met F., he (Leo) was a spoiled, pampered, indoor-only kitty securely enveloped by the overprotective love of three mommies.  Leo quickly figured out that F. was a kindred spirit who understood his need to play and explore and be more active, to rough-house and run, who replaced parts of his diet with real meat instead of processed cat food heavy on the corn and additives, and who encouraged him to hang out in high places — such as around F.’s neck, a now nightly ritual.

Upon our move into the woods, F. undertook a campaign to talk me into letting Leo roam outside, and I finally agreed since we are in a much less dangerous setting than Midtown Atlanta.  It’s a compromise, really, since he still could be hurt anywhere, and the forest is not exactly safe; is it?  Yet I do believe he’s a happier kitty now, with much more stimuli and excitement.

And how could I deny another creature the contact with nature which so enriches my daily life and fills my heart with joy?

F. delighted in Leo’s recovery of parts of his wilder nature and praised him for bringing back his various prey, even while shielding me from the worst of the corpses delivered to the front door as special gifts.  Even though the gifts are not to my taste, I know that Leo likes reciprocating as he is able, and I have been most appreciative of his deterrent effect in the garden.

It’s worked out well for everyone, really.

14 Responses to “focus: week six”

  1. Dear Meredith, Leo looks absolutely adorable and so much reminds me of a pale ginger cat I had for nineteen years. Whilst I understand your reservations in allowing him outside, I really do side with F as it is so much better if animals have the freedom to roam. We provide shelter, warmth, food and love after which I do believe that they have to be permitted to take their chance in the great outdoors.

    I am sure that no harm will come to Leo and am confident that you will enjoy his company for many years to come.

    • Dear Edith, Leo is exactly that: pale ginger. 🙂 I do believe I’ve done the right thing; it just took some adjustments in my citified thinking. And he’s so happy about it! I’m glad you feel the same.

  2. Well – Leo looks like quite the happy fellow and it is wonderful that he is experiencing so much male bonding with F. 🙂

    I worked from home for a while this morning and my Sophie meowed at me so much at one point that I scooped her up and cuddled her while reading an email. She did the kneading thing, too. I love that.

  3. lol! I thought Stripey was the only cat who thought he was part scarf! That photo is so great, Meredith!

    It’s clear that Leo has a fabulous life.

  4. I love that Leo loves to drape himself around a neck. It must be so warm to have a furry scarf. What a blessing he must be to your home :^)

  5. lol, it’s a lovely pic 🙂 animals are such great company, my grandma used to have a ginger cat all the same like Leo, it made me smile 🙂
    ps: I wanted to add you into my blogging list (sorry for me taking so much time …) but for some reasons it doesn’t appear as the other bloggers … I’m kind of a new to this blogger thing, do you have any idea why?

    • Glad I brought back good memories, Birdie. I don’t know why my blog wouldn’t appear on your list. If you mean a subscription, the RSS feed button at the bottom left of this screen should do it, just like everyone else. If you mean a blogroll, hmmm, I have no idea. I do know that lots of folks use Blogger and “follow” one another, but that I’m a wordpress gal. 🙂

      I’ll try and e-mail you to get the precise problem nailed down. Maybe then I can help!

  6. Cute picture of two important men in your life!

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