turkey tails

“The poetry of the earth is never dead.”

~John Keats

21 Responses to “turkey tails”

  1. I think your fungi is prettier than mine! 🙂

  2. Lovely! I found some Turkey Tail growing on a small oak stump last time I was out mushroom hunting too!

  3. Dear Meredith, What an amazing photograph. These could almost be the seashells as a child I collected from the beach.

    The quotation from Keats appealed enormously, as you may imagine.

  4. Remarkably like real turkey tails! I have seen these before and never knew their name. Beautiful photo Meredith!

    • Carol, I only learned their name this fall when F. and I attended a mycology club meeting loaded down with 16 different fungi we’d collected on our walks in the nearby woods, some from our front yard beneath the tall trees. (No traditional, grassy lawn for us. ;))

  5. I have some fungi somewhat like this growing on stumps in my yard. Didn’t know they were called turkey tails. Do you know their botanical name?

  6. Beautiful shot – Fungi is always so photogenic!

  7. You have a great imagination and that quote fits perfectly!

  8. perfect pairing! they do look like turkey tails!

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