“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”

~Thomas Edison

This was the view from my back door this morning.  We were expecting a high of 59 degrees (15° C), there was not a cloud in the sky, and the ground was still a little moist and soft from the recent rains.  Plus, I woke up feeling quite a bit better, and I wasn’t on a deadline for work.

Irresistible combination, really.

So I took the opportunity to spend all day outside.  I started by cleaning the windows.  (Finally, I’m understanding why my mother always cleaned the windows first thing in the spring.  It’s to let all that new light in.)

I also managed to set up the supports for the garden peas, prep the bed where I want to plant cabbage in about two weeks, hoe up some weeds that had taken hold in the pathways, take down the last of last year’s support structures, plant some mustard, rake the side yard, and clean up the front porch and the storage room under the back porch, both of which had started to look neglected during these months of disuse.  Then my sister joined me for a couple of hours of mulch spreading and pea planting.

The truth is, I’m exhausted and finding myself so relaxed after my time outdoors that I don’t feel like writing an inspiring post.  Or even an uninspiring one.  (This does not bode well for the blog in summer; does it?)

Maybe tomorrow I’ll tell you more about the delicious sunshine, the feeling in my back and arms and soul as I worked in contended, steady fashion, the sweet nothings I whispered to the peas as I put them to bed, and how I laughed when I finally saw myself in a mirror hours later, my hair a wild nest of windy curls and my cheeks as pink as a girl’s.

For now, though, I’ll just wish you a good night.

33 Responses to “irresistible”

  1. Good night Meredith and your post was inspiring after all.

  2. wow, you haven’t lost energy for this at all!

  3. Not an inspiring post? I am so inspired, I’m just sorry it’s dark here now and I can’t go out and work in my yard. I was wondering how you got all that done in just one day. You are definitely an inspiration.

  4. That sounds like such a lovely day! We had only a few hours of (partial) sun today. I wish I could have helped you! I’ve always enjoyed working in my parents’ yards, helping them landscape, raking leaves, clearing brush (odd for a child to want to do manual labor). I know the kind of exhaustion you speak of…it’s satisfying.

    • I think there’s something enlightening in manual labor. I’m not talking about subsistence-level drudgery, of course, but work for which one does well and is appropriately compensated for the energy and skill. But our culture manages to conflate the two, too bad. 😦 Wish you could have joined me, as well! You are always welcome, Alisha.

  5. How sweet… I envy you your first full day of gardening… I understand the exhaustion and how feeling that way makes it hard to write. I look forward to your rested sharings. ;>)

    • I hope to get a post out on them, Carol, perhaps tomorrow. Wish I could hurry your spring along a bit so you could enjoy the outdoors, too… but no, to everything its season. 🙂

  6. I am inspired. If only it weren’t dark outside. I’m glad you had sun and time in the garden!

  7. An uninspiring post? Perish the very thought! You make me long for the warm weather and I lived that pleasant end-of-the-hard-physical-work-day through you and I thank you for it.

    Sweet dreams, Meredith!

  8. What a wonderful day spent in the fresh air. You accomplished a lot and deserve sweet dreams!

  9. I don’t think you can help it Meridith, your words weave their beauty regardless if you intend them to or not! I love the photo too, it does look like an irresistible day!

  10. A very inspiring post, Meredith. You give us all hope that spring will eventually find those of us who are further north than you are. Get some rest, other days are coming!

  11. Dear Meredith, Although exhausting, there is something deeply satisfying about the kind of day you describe, at the end of which one does have a great sense of achievement. Somehow other work is just exhausting!

    Having never grown a vegetable in my life [I imagine that Mustard and Cress does not count], I am much looking forward to sharing the progress of your kitchen garden.

    • I’m glad you’re looking forward to it, Edith. I hope I don’t disappoint! (And I think Mustard greens count as a vegetable! I admit to not being familiar with cress… except through books where uber-refined persons snack on dainty watercress finger sandwiches at “luncheon.”) It’s true that if I’d done that much physical labor somewhere other than the garden, I’d have lost my drive and energy for the tasks long before. 🙂

  12. There is nothing quite as fulfilling (and tiring) as a day spent in the garden and having to pull the leaves out of your hair afterwards ;^)

  13. Meredith – Your image and words were quite inspiring enough – I am happy that you had a lovely day.

    • Thank you, Karen. It makes me happy to know you found them inspiring — especially since I suspect we’re in for quite a few similar days as the season gets rolling. 😉

  14. The view from your back porch is inspiring.
    Being tired from a good day in the garden
    complete with wild woman hair and rosy cheeks,
    that makes me smile.

    • Gemma, it’s even better later in the season. Late spring, I’ll have to remind myself to photograph it again, with the blooms and all the vibrant green. “Wild woman hair,” I like that phrasing. I think I border on that on a non-gardening day… but yesterday, I surpassed myself. 😮

  15. Oooh that looks so nice, fresh and clean. What fun to be outside in the garden getting throughly tired, pink cheeks and wild women hair. Good luck with your writing:)

  16. Oh i sooooo want to be outside. The view from my back door shows snow, as far as the eye can see.

  17. Looking out through your (very clean!) glass door made me want to go outside and work, too — but in your garden, not in mine! -Jean

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