“Be kind to your shadow.”

– Rebecca Lawless

16 Responses to “shadow”

  1. Lovely shot, Meredith. I was actually mesmerized by the shadows in the moonlit garden last night. If not for the shadows, how could we appreciate the light?

    Have a fabulous weekend!

    • Talon, I try to remind myself of that when it’s my own shadow I’m facing. I bet your moonlit garden was full of mystery and dark beauty on the night of the Wolf Moon.

      Hope you have a great weekend, too!

  2. Great mystery here in your bloom Meredith! Gorgeous and sensual. I was just taking shadow pictures today on the snow… last night was magic too with moon shadows! ;>0

    • I bet those moon shadows were something else, Carol. Wasn’t the Wolf Moon supposed to be the brightest moon of 2010? We missed it, tucked under a deep cloud bank, sadly, but I could see a bit of its incredible light coming through.

  3. Looks like a sultry beauty in the shadow. Reminds me of a shy, mysterious lady.

  4. Reading Talon’s comment reminded me of American author Austin O’Malley’s quote on the same theme, “When walking through the “valley of shadows,” remember, a shadow is cast by a Light.” Love the photo, Meredith.

  5. I agree, this photo has mystery to it. I enjoy it when people see the mystery in the dark, instead of calling it bad. The wolf moon was at the perigee (closest to earth). We had the typical full-moon storms but even through the clouds the light was bright, and when it cleared temporarily, gorgeous to see the moon above the ponderosa pines.

    • Me, too, Pomona. I’m trying to make friends with parts of my own shadow, as you might have guessed.

      And now I finally understand why the Wolf Moon was the brightest of the year. (Somehow no one explained that before.)

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