forgot to mention


For those of you following along with the guessing game in a previous post, the seedling was of European origin.  That means congratulations are in order for Hank and Gloria, who guessed correctly.

These babies have now even elicited the approval of my sister, here for a visit, who said immediately, “But why are those particular ones so healthy?”

And the answer is, I think they are all healthy.  It’s just that this European heirloom seed, ‘Cracoviensis’, has put up a crop of the most uniform, sturdy-looking little chaps.  They are shorter, darker green, and with nice fat seed leaves, and more of them germinated, so the presentation is nicer, with no gaps or bunching in the flat (after the initial thinning).  They are pretty much the stereotype of well-grown lettuce seedlings.

As I said gloatingly to F. this morning, though, one of the North American varieties, ‘Speckled Bibb’, has the largest true leaves of the bunch and is clearly the farthest ahead.

(But this is not a contest, honey.)

What can I say about forgetting to mention the answer, after explicitly stating I’d do so?  Well, 54-degree weather, a romp outdoors, and a nice dose of sun may have made me a little giddy today.  I’m not yet used to it, I guess.

I mean just look at that flower up there.  And that was the view underfoot.  No wonder I forgot.

If you’re interested in either of these fine lettuces, my seed for both varieties comes from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, a company I can heartily endorse as having great products, service, vision, and ethics.  (And no, they’re not paying me to say so.)

12 Responses to “forgot to mention”

  1. The view underfoot – lovely.

  2. Hey, what a lucky guess! Keep us posted (pun intended) on how the lettuce is doing, now that we have been so nicely introduced. Hank

  3. Isn’t it wonderful what a sunny day outside can do for your spirits? Today is rainy and cloudy in Arizona…but sunny days are on their way :^)

  4. Woke up to swirling snow and poor visibility and now, suddenly, the sun has burst through the clouds and it changes everything. Unfortunately, the view underfoot here is pure white, but at least I can enjoy YOUR lovely views! So glad you got to romp!

    • I’m glad the sun has burst through the clouds where you are. Here, the clouds are scudding in as I type this, blunting the blue of the sky and bringing a possible “major weather event.” (Did you send us this from up in Canada, Talon? ;))

  5. I’m envying your romp and your flower! My entire state is shutting down due to an ice storm.

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