cat improvement

“A cat improves the garden wall in sunshine, and the hearth in foul weather.”

~Judith Merkle Riley

Well, we don’t have a garden wall or a hearth.  But Leo regularly improves the look of this random wood pile back in the woods.  I suspect this to be the eastern boundary line of his territory, since this is typically where the screeching competitions with our neighbor’s calico cat take place.

And Leo definitely improves the garden, scaring away rabbits and chipmunks and mice, and bringing us some of his kills as generous “gifts” — although these do not improve the front porch decor in the least.

Both Leo and Booty also improve the look of the house, especially on dreary, rainy days like we’ve had lately.  They are like priceless, fine statuary, almost always elegant.

Although not quite priceless, of course.  (Must everything, even kitty love, have a dollar sign attached somewhere?  It seems so.)

Booty had to make his yearly visit to the veterinarian yesterday, and he was so brave and stoic through all the shots, but clung to my neck with steely claws and eyes wide with terror when it was all over.

He had developed a strange little limp in the last few days, favoring his right front paw, and we were concerned but could find nothing the matter, not even a splinter.

The vet found nothing, either, and suggested it was probably only a strain, giving us an oral anti-inflammatory, like ibuprofen for cats.  So Booty is laying around improving the furniture a little more often than usual today.

If you like to read about the adventures and exploits of my kitties (and I understand that some readers would rather not, on the whole), I’ll give you a link to two posts on my other blog.  Recently, I wrote here about how Leo was a touchstone of sanity during a routine emergency equipment test at the local nuclear plant.

And I realized while rereading an old post on this blog that I once promised to explain how Booty got his unusual name, and I did do so, but on the other blog.  (Oops!)  You can read all about it, as well as an inspiring tale of how he overcame his limitations when motivated by love, here.  Scan down for the subheading “Following my cat’s example.”

Would you believe that Leo is now interfering with the writing of this post, demanding my immediate attention and making it nearly impossible to type?  He has got me well-trained, sad to say, knowing by now exactly which behaviors will get me so annoyed that I get up to do his bidding.

This is his idea of human improvement.

13 Responses to “cat improvement”

  1. What lucky cats to have a companion so intuned with them! The kitty sure does make a wood pile look improved. My cat does little more than “improve” the soil in a newly planted veggie bed – or at least she thinks she’s improving things. Love your blog. Thanks for the fave! 🙂

  2. I can believe Leo’s interference. My Puddin’ “helps” me at the keyboard all the time.
    Leo seems a fitting name. He has a certain regal look to him, I think, like a lion.

    • We thought he was like a lion, too. 🙂 He came to us from the shelter as “Goldeneye,” but it didn’t seem suited to him. Lord save us from kitty help at the keyboard!

  3. Leo does improve the landscape.
    Cats improve my blog today as well.

  4. Leo is gorgeous…we’re very partial to orange marmalade cats, although currently we only have one–four of our catkids are grey, two are black or blackwithchrome, and then there’s Mungus the pearcat. 😉

    Most assuredly, cats improve just about anything in my world. Although Spunky Boomerang just climbed up to announce I’ve been blog-reading long enough, was out for a few hours neglecting HIM, and now we should retire to the recliner in the living room. He makes these announcements by standing on the keyboard and leaning against me, purring. How to resist? Resistance is futile….

    • LOL. Love the name Spunky Boomerang. It sounds like it fits him, with those cute antics. And no one can resist a cat’s wiles — no one with a heart. 😉

      We think Leo is a handsome boy, too. He’s very photogenic. Booty is also very cute, although much harder to photograph, because he’s black and shiny. The shots usually look too dark, and when you try to brighten them, the highlights blind you.

  5. Leo’s expression is priceless in that shot. I hope Booty’s limp clears up quickly!

    It’s so true. A cat does improve its surroundings. And no creature quite reminds me that the art of relaxing is a fine one to culivate.

  6. I enjoyed this cat post and also took a trip over to your other links and had fun there. There is definitely something about cats and gardens.

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