well, bless my little pea-pickin’ heart

As I look back through the photos of the last week, it strikes me that they are on the whole pretty melancholy shots, lots of greys and browns and sepia.  I thought I should brighten it up.  All of us in the Northern Hemisphere could probably use a shot of color right about now anyway.

This is the ornamental kale, photographed while standing under the eave of the house carefully shielding the camera from the pouring rain.  (Can you see the drops actually falling in the shot?)

I’m sure my neighbors thought I’d lost it for sure, or perhaps wasn’t the smartest of human beings to begin with.

“Her porchlight doesn’t shine very bright, bless her heart,” as they say in the South.

On a side note:  Why is it that Southern women, when we are saying something vaguely insulting, add the phrase “bless her heart” or “bless his little heart” to the sentence?  I’m not sure any heart but our own needs blessing when we are gossiping and speaking less than kind words.  Nonetheless, I find it a strangely charming affectation.  (Such is the power of culture, I suppose.)

My mother took it to new heights whenever we would pout or whine as children, saying in tones dripping with mock sympathy, “Well, bless your little pea-pickin’ hearts, y’all have got it so bad!”  And it always made us laugh and realize we were being rude and ungrateful.

If I’m able to restore part of that garden plot, I may be pea-pickin’ for the first time in my life.  (Well, unless you count crowder peas.)  After yesterday’s flash flood damage, I’m even considering growing the peas in pots and letting them vine up the porch railing.

Has anyone grown peas in containers?  I’d love some advice.

No damage was done to the area slated for cabbage.  (Knock on wood.)  In fact, this photo makes me imagine the fat red heads of cabbages to come.  My transplants are arriving the second week of February, and according to my regional info for the Piedmont of South Carolina, we can plant as early as Valentine’s Day.

Wonder if F. will think I’ve lost it if I suggest that the gift I really want on lovey day is some help putting in the transplants and generally getting everything spiffy out there for the spring season kitchen garden.  Hmm…

Ah, well, he knows all about my porch light’s eccentricities by now.  After all, I wrinkled up my nose at the idea of a diamond but squealed with excitement when he bought me some red worms in a plastic bucket.

Bless all your little pea-pickin’ hearts this Friday — even though I am sure you are never rude or ungrateful, but always lovely and kind.   If your comments are anything to go by, readers of this blog are the soul of graciousness and gentle wit.

18 Responses to “well, bless my little pea-pickin’ heart”

  1. LOL! Thank you for this cheery post. My mother used to say a very similar thing… I too would prefer worms to diamonds… except that I could sell the diamond and buy more plants and worms! No I want no part of it… since learning of the many who suffer because of the diamond cartels. I was not always this way… certainly some think my porch light is not shining in the correct way… more blinking off and on in protest. ;>)) I have never grown peas in containers but with enough healthy humus and good drainage why not? It would be fun to walk out and pick peas right off your front porch!

  2. I love that phrase, “bless your heart!” My friend Steven was looking at my high school yearbooks and came across my 9th grade picture. “Bless your heart!” he said. It was the year before I blossomed. All bangs, braces and glasses. 🙂

    That photo is phenomenal! I think the raindrops only add to its loveliness. Thanks for the shot of color.

    • Aww, those before blossoming pics are painful sometimes. Boy, do I sympathize with the trio of bangs, braces, and glasses. I had 80s curled bangs, pink-and-gold-framed glasses, and braces. Yikes! That’s a good time to pull out that phrase.

      Glad you liked the shot. I thought the rain added a little sparkle. 😉

  3. I bet himself wouldn’t mind at all. My himself is really good about helping with some things, not as much with others. He doesn’t weed, though he says if I plant some veggies he’ll weed them. That brilliant cole was just the sort of photo we needed, for sure. (oh, and the sun is out here, too, which is much appreciated.)

    • Jodi, I love that use of “himself.” It sounds so Scottish to my ear. (I seem to remember from my time in Canada that Nova Scotia, where you live, has a Scots-influenced culture. :)) Glad I could contribute some much-needed color to go with the sunlight!

  4. My Mom uses “bless your heart”, but she genuinely means it and reserves it for when someone’s done something especially sweet – lol! (I won’t tell you what she says when she thinks you’re being a whine baby because I am much too polite – lol)

    I love the color of the kale and rain in action and it did brighten my day, so thank you.

    i think F. would be stunned if you asked for flowers and chocolates for Valentine’s Day 😉

    • Talon, F. just said, “Scary!” when I read him your comment about flowers and chocolates, confirming your intuition. He asked if perchance by “flowers” you meant plants, roots, or seeds, and if by “chocolate” you meant composted manure? LOL!

      I’m glad to be able to brighten your day. You brightened mine, too. 🙂

  5. Lovely macro photo (and no “bless your heart” needed)! I got my wife a bird feeder for V-day last year and she loved it. I also keep it filled for her (it’s hanging right outside her office window). I’m not sure what I will get her this year but it’s not likely to be chocolate or sparkly.

    • Thanks, villager! That bird feeder sounds just perfect. Ours recently broke (I think a squirrel tried to leap on it from the roof, if you can imagine), and I definitely need a replacement, a pretty one if possible.

      Doubly impressive is that you’re filling it for her, and that it hangs outside her office window. I hope she is suitably impressed by your devotion. 🙂

      I’m wondering if my honey will be reading the comments section on his own, or if he needs a little nudge. 😉

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  7. Oh yea, count me as a Bless Your Heart gal too and you know I want good soil! It’s truly about time for you to start planting. Now I have to wait a bit but will be cheering you along.

  8. Smiling and thinking … what a nice way to start my Saturday reading a quaint Southern ladies ruminations. Thank you. Going to go and have a “spot of tea” as my mum would say … they kept their British colloquialisms and I have just created my own.


  9. that’s right, I wanted to start using “bless his heart” too. That’s funny about your gifts. worm…diamond…worm…diamond… you sound like a lucky gal to have a someone know the TWO gifts that would make you gush! I love ornamental kale – aren’t they so photographable?

  10. Rich, luscious photo – very tasty. I’ve borrowed “bless their heart” from my southerly neighbours and find it’s just the perfect expression in certain situations when you need to keep things warm and friendly.

  11. Yep, that “Bless his heart” thing is interesting all right. I do think your comment about it being the speaker who needs their heart blessed when engaging in gossip is very true. . .

    I enjoyed this whole post very much.

    A person is quite blessed when their significant other listens, hears and believes them when they say “I want a chain saw, not that diamond ring” or other similar quirky words.

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