chicken soup

I’ve been busy today, and almost let the day get by me without posting.  Today was a day for baking whole wheat bread and preparing yummy treats for tomorrow’s breakfast, making stock from last night’s leftover chicken carcass, and then turning it into hearty chicken soup.

January is National Soup Month, after all.  I only discovered the “holiday” recently, but the timing definitely makes sense to me.  The depths of winter call for soup somehow, and most of my soup memories seem to center around a feeling of sanctuary from the harsh, chilled, outer world.

With the blahs I’ve been fighting off lately, a bit of time spent in the steamy kitchen seemed perfect.

You know what’s great about making soup, or stock?  It doesn’t require much attention, but one has an excuse to linger lovingly by the stove, perhaps with a steamy novel to match, steadily inhaling the fragrance of comfort.

Have you been celebrating National Soup Month in your kitchen?

Y’all feel free to come over for some chocolate croissants in the morning.


11 Responses to “chicken soup”

  1. I can almost smell your delicious soup and the wheat bread. January is the perfect time for a warm dinner 🙂

  2. National Soup Month? Really? I love making soup all year round – simple and delicious and soul satisfying. I can almost taste your soup through the photo and I can only imagine how wonderful your home smelled with the equally gorgeous scents of fresh baked breads and home-made chicken soup!

    • I’m glad someone else finds it a little surprising that there’s a national soup month. 😉

      I don’t like making soup in the heat of summer, I discovered, once I had no AC this year. (An experiment I’m not likely to be repeating in South Carolina, honestly!) Maybe gazpacho or cold cucumber soup. But otherwise, I wasn’t much interested in long-simmering recipes without climate control.

      The house did smell delicious, though. 🙂

  3. I do not know why I have landed here.

    Hmmm. I must have smelled the soup.

  4. We love our soups and when I make them, I always do so in an extra large pot in order to freeze at least half of it. So on a day that you’re busy doing other things and you wonder ‘what should I fix for dinner’, that’s easy… “let’s have soup”.

  5. I make a lovely Moroccan Chickpea soup – I vow to make it this weekend in honor of National Soup Month. Thanks for the heads up.

  6. I made Pumpkin vegetable soup yesterday. Easy but very satisfying. Just right for this time of year. I took part in National Soup month without realising it!

    • I’ve never had a pumpkin soup. Is it very sweet, I wonder? Now I’m curious, and I might have to go look it up. (Feel free to send the recipe to gardenforvictory-at-live-com, by the way.)

      I bet millions of us have been participating every January with no idea! I’d never heard of it until about a week ago.

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