a bit blue

The high today in Seneca, South Carolina is 41 degrees Fahrenheit.  (By the way, when in doubt, this blog will always be written in Fahrenheit.  But I believe that’s about 5 degrees Celsius.)

Right now, it’s 32 outside, and I’m dreading running my errands and putting them off until the weak winter sun “warms” things up a little.  I’ve even delayed going out to the compost pile with the kitchen scraps.

Can you tell I’m not a fan of the cold?

For the rest of the week, we’re barely cresting above freezing each day, and there’s a chance of snow flurries on Friday night.  Since F. loves snow so much, for his sake I’m glad.  But for my sake, I’d just rather we skipped right on to mid-March.

The oldest leaves of the ornamental kale are showing a bit of their blue side, too.

This photograph reminds me to mention that for those of you following along, or attempting to, at both blogs, I did indeed choose my word of the year and wrote about it here.  That word is Focus, which seemed just right for me on so many levels, once I got over my initial discomfort with it.  (The word seemed to choose me, not the other way around.  F. says there’s a name for this in psychology, and that it’s all a self-made mind game.  But then, he’s never been chased around by a word for two weeks.)

I can’t remember if I wrote here on this blog about choosing a word for the year, rather than doing traditional resolutions — which I usually avoid like the plague.  The last month is such a blur, frankly.  But I did get a nice e-mail asking me if I’d ever made up my mind and posted about it, and the answer is yes, but on the other blog.

New Year’s resolutions are a common topic in the blog-o-sphere right now.  If you’d like to read a lovely little post about why one woman avoids them, a post that’s beautiful and clever and succinct (I could certainly take lessons on the latter), take a look at this one by Talon from 2008.  I found it while browsing her archives and was struck by its depth, camouflaged in simplicity.

And if you’ve set some intention or made any resolutions for 2010, I do hope they’re going swimmingly for you so far.

I’ll close by sending y’all a warmth-inducing shiver from down South.  Maybe we should all meet and get in a huddle somewhere in the middle of the continent… or head to Australia where some of my blog acquaintances are now complaining of the searing heat.  Lucky dogs.


17 Responses to “a bit blue”

  1. I can totally understand your blueness. It’s only 15 F here today and with the windchill of the biting northwest wind it feels like 0 F. Nasty! The cold isn’t unusal here in the Great White North, of course, but it’s been yo-yo weather so is much harder to adjust to. I hope F. gets a nice sprinkling of snow, but not enough that you have major traveling issues to deal with.

    I’m laughing – you have no idea how hard it is for a gabby sort like me to be succinct. What a fabulous compliment – thank you, Meredith!

    I love your word for the year. Focus – something we need to use in all aspects of our lives. And it certainly helps keep you in the present moment.

    • Sounds nasty indeed, Talon. I hope you stay inside and stay warm 🙂 F. is not even cautiously optimistic we’ll get snow flurries. He says they always mess up the predictions and imagine snow around every cold front here. Ah, he’s so cute when he’s cynical. (And from your mouth to God/dess’ ear on the travel issues…)

      And you may be gabby in real life, but your writing is admirably succinct. You always seem to say just what you meant to say, and it’s said well and with lovely phrasing. But it never gets too flowery, and you seem to have much better control of your adverbial voice than I do. (Know what I mean?) You write so wonderfully, Talon, and I’m glad you liked the compliment!

  2. 32 degrees F. seems balmy to me! It is -6 or so with the wind chill here. Lovely blue and I like this purple background too. Carol

  3. love the colours – ties in so well with your background. I would love to see some colours like green! its either white or black……………and some of the black is worrying me – I think I am going to have alot of winter casualties. Ah well room for something new!

    • What a wonderful attitude, turning the losses into opportunities! We could all use some of that clever thinking, leavesnbloom. Thanks for the compliment, too 🙂

  4. I totally feel your pain. I wish it would just skip to April when things start to get a little nicer here. At the moment we are at a chilly -20c with a windchill of -30c. Ouch. So no anything here. Your pic is beautiful. The colors are wonderful. Thanks for sharing

  5. M.E. it is 34 degrees here in Fort Mill, SC at 3:43 pm. It was in the teens this morning and is expected to be this cold through the week. Glad Seneca is a little warmer…my father in law who lives near you, gets really cold even when it is warm.

    I’m just thinking warm thoughts and remembering that it could be worse…I could still be in Alaska!

    • Oh, Lord! You lived in Alaska? Well, South Carolina must be a welcome change in winter (unless you love snow and ice like F., of course.)

      You’re not very far from me at all! Sending you warm thoughts to supplement your own. They won’t have far to travel.

  6. I always say I would rather it be cold than hot, but really, this is crazy cold. I like the thought of a word of the year – that is wonderful outside the box thinking. Beautiful purple today. Talon’s blog is so wonderful, isn’t it? Both of your blogs have such truth and beauty.

    Yeah – I have the blues a little. This week I came down with a viral chest infection – it has been hard to shake. A better week this week for sure. Happy New Year – Meredith.

    • Oh, Lynn, that is not good news 😦 No wonder you have the blues, with everything you’re going through. I hate chest infections of any kind, having been only too susceptible as a child. I hope you feel better very soon — and definitely stay inside where it’s warm.

      I agree about Talon’s blog — and yours, too! 🙂

  7. The photo is fantastic! But yeah, the weather coldness is relative. 😉 How about a foot or two of snow and minus temperatures? That’s downright unpleasant. Hence finding escape in happy blogs like yours.

  8. yearly switch from cold to hot is like going through the temperament scale…. and its like going through the plant cycle… grow and die…. but all in all, its all about blessings, hot or cold….. Ours is measured in wetness…, dry or wet!!…. now its raining almost every evening…… and i can sense, its getting less and less…. Have a great year ahead! ~bangchik

    • How interesting, to imagine the seasonal changes as dry to wet. Of course I know this happens in parts of the world… intellectually know it. But that’s different from experiencing it, knowing it in your heart!

  9. I love that color … thank you for sharing

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