it’s beginning to look a lot like

Even the few remaining leaves on the wild rosebushes are putting on their holiday colors.  Their version is so classy.

Are you ready for the holiday?  Or feeling like a truck has run over you already — and yet there’s still so much to do?

When I was feeling overwhelmed a few days back, I stole a few minutes from work and packing and holiday prep to wander in the dormant garden (now another world!) and linger along the wood’s edge, where the wild rosebushes still hold forth with unexpected blazes of color in the afternoon sun.  Just 10 minutes outside with no agenda was restorative.

So many of us are not taking care of ourselves lately:  I can see it on many faces when I’m out and about — and sometimes feel it on my own.  It’s the real sign of the countdown to the holiday, more even than decorations and shimmering light displays, when the faces read “exhaustion” and the eyes can reveal sudden flashes of anger or despair.  Some people have get-it-over-with-already tattooed on their foreheads.

Can you tell I used to work in a mall?  It’s pretty good training for recognizing the signs of holiday meltdown in progress.

Just because it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas doesn’t mean we have to court nervous breakdowns.

I hope you take 10 minutes outside with no agenda today, whether you’re feeling the holiday stress pinch or not.


2 Responses to “it’s beginning to look a lot like”

  1. It’s easy to get carried away at this time of year and neglect to take those a few precious moments to yourself. The whole insanity that pervades and eclispses the celebration and joy of the season was the inspiration for my “That Magical Time of The Year” poem. But getting outside in the garden – no matter the season – is the quickest way for me to remember how to breathe, to remember how to be still, and to remember to savour the moments instead of rushing through them.

    Joy and peace to you, Meredith, this holiday season.

  2. I loved that post with the mocking poem, actually, Talon. I’m with you on getting outside, for sure. Peace to you, hon!

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