a slight glitch

No, a worm hasn’t been munching on my DSL cable.  But we had the same issue as in November, and this time the phone company technician was very competent and solved the problem lickety-split.  (At least, that is what I am hoping, having had service restored now for less than two hours.)

I saw this lovely apple-green worm, still aparently thriving, during my Thanksgiving stay at my sister’s house.  It is a lot easier to be fascinated by the worm’s activities, and not disturbed by his presence on your cardinal climber vine, when it’s the end of the season and the plants are already collapsing upon themselves.  And it was a lot easier to be calm about this latest upset in our household internet service, although I can only speculate as to the reasons.

For one thing, it’s almost Christmas, and we’ve had a delightful house guest with us for the past two days.

For another, tomorrow F. and I leave on our honeymoon.  As soon as we return, it’ll be time to visit relatives for the holidays.

A house guest, a honeymoon, & the holidays… add those together, and you’ve got me scrambling to pack and cook and clean and wrap presents and do laundry and get cards in the mailbox, plus double-check the cat sitter and other arrangements (someone has to water the tree!), all before we go tomorrow.

I think I’ll be able to keep the blog up and running during all this (pre-written, pre-photographed articles are a lifesaver).  But just in case I’m not able, the service interruption with no warning, during which I failed to keep publishing, is good practice in just letting it go.

Being at peace with what you cannot control.  I’m suspecting a whole bunch of us learn that lesson at the holidays — or if we refuse to take it in this year, will be doomed to repeat it in 2010.

Maybe it’s one of those lessons you never stop learning… or the fact that I wonder if it is may be a sign that it’s a lesson that I’ve still not learned.

How about you?  Have there been moments during the holiday season so far, or in the past, when you feel you’re being asked to learn to let it go?

Sending you peace from our little hollow in the forest…

2 Responses to “a slight glitch”

  1. What a sweet alliteration! I know you and F. will have a fabulous time.

    Learning to let go – I’ve become much better the older I get. The graceful part of letting go is something I’m still striving to perfect.

  2. Letting go – more times than I can remember. Peace be with you, too, Meredith!

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