a gentle bending

The first time all season that ‘Empress of India’ has bowed for anything.  Her dramatic blue-green foliage is still lovely to my eyes, even when meeting her own death.

I am having a roller-coaster of a day, with unbelievable highs (someone offered F. and me a free honeymoon as a wedding gift, out of the blue) and terrible low moments (we won’t get into that), all meshed together, and it seemed almost necessary to get out into the water-soaked garden and contemplate the gentle bending to the inevitable now on display in every corner.

Nature does do extremes, and sometimes all mixed up together, too, but it doesn’t seem to shake her up like it does me.  She never loses her poise.

2 Responses to “a gentle bending”

  1. I wonder if Nature does get all upset – but is just better at hiding it? I hope you found out about the honeymoon after the upsetting bits – it would definitely take the edge off!

    • If Nature is better at covering, I need to learn her secret 🙂 I learned about the honeymoon option in the morning, just before the upset — and then had more details come in during the day, as the upset unfolded, getting the brochure, etc. We had to act fast if we wanted the option, it’s a long story, and the evening ended with getting the keys to the cabin in the mountains and a confirmation of our dates, and then the biggest upset of the day about 30 minutes after that.

      Still, I get a honeymoon — not in March as we’d anticipated, but now! For free! The upset stuff will just have to work itself out while we are away.

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