holiday background

In the past few days, the holiday music piped in everywhere, and the myriad references to the holidays on radio and blogs, and the decorations downtown and on campus, have begun to make themselves felt in my consciousness.  It’s as though none of it penetrated until now.

It was all just background, like the Nandina berries in this photo I took in a friend’s yard.

Maybe it’s because we don’t have a t.v.  Maybe it’s because I was so focused on our upcoming wedding.  Or maybe I’ve just been too busy to notice.

F. and I will be putting up our first Christmas tree this weekend.  Last year, we moved into our new place on December 22nd, and I have some adorable photos of our actual first Christmas, with the “tree” of emptied boxes F. created for us in the middle of a chaotic living room.  It reached to the ceiling and was tilting drunkenly as it grew.

I’m pretty excited to have a chance to decorate this year.  Excited enough to sort of plan it ahead of time, which is not my usual style.

I want to have Christmas music playing, and sip warm apple cider with mulling spices, and generally take our time, maybe watch a traditional holiday movie afterward.  Perhaps something F. has never seen before, like White Christmas or Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer.  I think he’d get a kick out of seeing people long for snow, because he does, too, at this time of year, and really, who doesn’t love the Island of Misfit Toys?

It’s beginning to feel a little bit more like Christmas here.  Are you feeling the holiday spirit yet?


10 Responses to “holiday background”

  1. We have decorated. The spirit has not yet invaded, but it’s hovering close by. We always load the CD player with some Nat King Cole and Bing Cosby, Kenny G and the soundtrack from classic Christmas cartoons and sing along as we decorate the tree and hang garlands and generally tuck something festive into every nook and cranny. And it’s our tradition to watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” early Christmas Eve then church and then “White Christmas” right after…which used to be a movie I sang along to and never really watched when my kids were little and were tucked up in bed waiting for Santa and hubby and I were doing the last minute stocking stuffing and Santa present preparations. Sweet memories. It’s wonderful that you and F. can now create some fabulous traditions that are all your own.

    I watched Rudolph the other night. I have watched it every year since it first aired – and I just checked and it first went on TV in 1964 (when I was 5) and I’ve never missed a year since. Forty-five years! Isn’t that insane? But it wouldn’t be Christmas without the spotted elephant and the bird that swims 🙂

    • Aww, the spotted elephant… I forgot about him.

      Such beautiful traditions you’ve created over the years, and I can’t imagine keeping up with one movie for 45 years. You are faithful, Talon 🙂 And I’m impressed!

  2. I must confess that I am often lazy about decorating. 🙂 But I do feel the holiday spirit. On evening walks, there are twinkly colored lights peeking through the darkness. Which I much appreciate.

    I love the background in this photo.

    • Thanks, elizabeth, for the compliment.

      I can be lazy, too. There’s a garland that might not get hung here (we’re having trouble imagining a good spot for it that wouldn’t require mega effort), and I’ve got a box full of geegaws that won’t be coming out because I don’t want to take the time to put them up again. Plus, we’re limited on space.

  3. It was fun this year to help my mother decorate their tree in their new home in the assisted living village. It made her feel so much more at home there as she was pulling the decorations out of the box. Old friends. So that put me in the spirit somewhat. Life Talon, it is hovering close by.

    I wonder if other single people decorate for Christmas? I usually do, but have just not gotten it done this year. Although my wreath with its white lights is on the front door. I love seeing it on when I drive up.

    Sounds like a great Christmas coming up for you and F. Your first as a married couple – how lovely!

    • When I lived by myself as a single, I never decorated, other than putting out maybe a bowlful of oranges studded with cloves. But when I lived single with a roommate or two, we did go ahead and do the whole thing, tree and all. I’m not sure what this means, other than that I see decorating as mostly a social pattern? You’re doing better than me, with the wreath. 😉

      We’re pretty excited about that first Christmas. Well, I am, and I think he’s just happy to see me excited!

  4. Great photo.

    We’ve, or should I say, I, have finished all the decorations and bought and wrapped most of the gifts, which has never happened before, but on Saturday we are coming to the States for 8 days, so we needed to get everything done before we left.

    I can’t say I’m into the Christmas spirit yet though. I’m dreading packing tomorrow. As you can see from my watches, I don’t pack light. 😀

  5. this will be a beautiful holiday, for you and your husband.
    i send you love.
    and these berries are breathtaking, my friend.

    • That still feels so weird, Christina, to hear him called my husband. It gives me shivers of happiness, too, though. Or maybe that’s me feeling your love come through 🙂

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