F. and I got married!

Yep.  We tied the knot in front of the probate judge, who passes for a justice of the peace around here.

Our ceremony was in the county seat, Walhalla, which I think is pretty cool, getting married in a mythical paradise (albeit for warriors, which doesn’t apply to either of us — maybe I’ll convert the warriors to peaceful souls in time.)

The bride wore Romanian folk costume and carried red roses to match the embroidery on the white peasant blouse.  The groom was grinning from ear to ear and decided not to follow the old folk custom of stepping on the bride’s foot to declare who would be the boss in their relationship.  (Good choice, honey.)

I may not be writing much for the next few days.  I’m sure you’ll all understand.  I posted a photo I took previously, of a very blushing, bridal-looking rose, and at some point I might get around to taking pictures of my actual bouquet.

Or maybe not.  We’ll see.

I’m so happy.

P.S.  I’ve written a teensy bit about it over at my other blog, how it’s the second time around for both of us, etc., if you care to read more details.

3 Responses to “news”

  1. How beautiful! What a magical Friday! Wishing you and F. every joy and happiness!

  2. how wonderful! wishing you years of happiness together!

  3. How wonderful – I am so happy for you and F. Congratulations and best wishes!

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