not jack’s beanstalk

But maybe magical nonetheless.

Here’s another seedling portrait.  (Don’t worry, three are about all I can take, and we’re moving on to something else tomorrow!  I’m a Gemini, and three days running on approximately the same subject is coming right up to the edge of my tolerance.  I just wanted to display these seedling portraits in a row for contrast purposes.)

Those of you who are regular readers of Victory Garden Redux know this one quite well by now.  You can immediately see why bean seeds are the favorite for teaching small children about plants.  When that seed comes up, it is a dramatic unfolding, and almost every one grows straight and tall from the beginning.  Plus, you can usually watch the thick seed casing fall off the seed leaves as they unfurl.

And then there’s the fact that beans grow so fast.  There’s a reason Jack’s miraculously quick-growing plant was a beanstalk.

For those of you unfamiliar with the saga of my family heirloom seed, here’s some links to previous posts about it:



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you need them both

Can you tell I like to write about these beans?

One Response to “not jack’s beanstalk”

  1. I love how tall and proud beans are as they burst out of their shell and assert themselves. I’m enjoying your seedling posts.

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