basil babies

The first in a series of seedling portraits, all discovered while going through my photographic record from this spring.  Apparently, I was delighted with the sight of the first green shoots in every part of the new kitchen garden.

Either that, or there was really not much else to document at first.  I did take a few shots of the newly-dug beds, barren and awaiting their seeds.  But for the most part, a camera was not part of my operating equipment at that time.  When I went out to the garden, I was usually carrying a hoe.

One thing I’m noticing as I go through those old shots is how much progress in photography I’ve made since starting this blog.  Practice alone can really make a difference, it turns out, and even without the intention to focus on photography I’ve made great strides.  I was not taking that many photos at all back in April and May, and in fact had just begun to get used to F.’s digital camera.  Now I can see where I might have done it better — but, unfortunately, I’ve only got those photos to accompany any blog posts about the beginning of the garden.

Still, I rather enjoy the seedling portraits, especially when grouped together for a nice compare and contrast.  Every plant seems to have a distinct personality from the very first moment it unfurls its seed leaves.  Just like people do.

4 Responses to “basil babies”

  1. Is there a finer shade of green than the vibrant hue of seedlings? I think the photo is charming!

    • Nowhere on earth 🙂 One way I’m making peace with the season change is by reminding myself that everything has to die to bring around that golden-green, newborn life color of spring!

  2. I’m with Talon – the photo is perfectly charming! It must be fun to be in your garden. Do you and F walk the garden in the evening?

    • Not now, unfortunately. It’s so cold, and there’s really not much to see.

      F. is more of a check-on-it person. When he wakes up in the morning, he checks on what has happened overnight in the garden, and when he gets home from work/school, he’ll do the same sometimes, especially at peak season.

      I’m more of a daydreamy wanderer, who likes to invent excuses to get out there, like needing a snip of parsley or a fresh tomato for lunch. Whatever — just so long as I get to spend time wandering, barefoot if at all possible 😉

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