A certain percentage of the population here consider the day after Thanksgiving as the day to decorate their homes for Christmas, so there is plenty of holiday sparkle already visible on the homes in metro Atlanta.

I thought I’d spread a little more sparkle, Victory Garden style.  This gorgeous foliage was photographed early this afternoon as my sister transplanted a few last-minute begonias that are still holding on well, in spite of the chill.  Because they live in Zone 7(b), it’s just possible that in a warm and relatively sheltered pocket of the property, the thriving begonias may survive the winter and go on to bloom another year.

Isn’t that leaf incredibly lovely?  After that shimmery show, the blossoms seem almost unnecessary.


4 Responses to “sparkle”

  1. Lovely photo. Yes – I’ll be slapping my wreath on the door tomorrow – the one with the little white lights. And probably calling it a day on other outdoor decorations. But I do love coming home to my sparkling front door. 🙂

    • Oh, that’s nice, though. My mom and dad have narrowed it down to a lovely foil-covered door with a longstanding wreath, and it’s so elegant. I think white lights must be even prettier 🙂 Happy holiday decorating — and here’s to knowing your limits! (I won’t be doing any outdoor decorating this year — but will have a tree, yippee!)

  2. Is that frost?! I don’t think we’ve had any yet. Rather amazing.

    Ahhh, nature. It’s lovely showing is even more beautiful than our manufactured light shows. 🙂

  3. Believe it or not, that glittery texture is the actual leaf itself, when you get up really close to it — not frost 🙂 They are gorgeous. I think they are responding to my sister’s life-loving vibes.

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