first harvest

As I went back through my photographs of the garden and its progress from before I began to blog, I discovered a whole series of shots of my very first harvest.  I was not a big photographer back then (blogging with a camera changed everything), so I can only conclude that I was enchanted with the sight of the vegetables raised by my own hand.  Actually, if I remember rightly, I carried this colander in from the Victory Garden as gently as if it were a baby.  I was thrilled.

Delighted.  Amazed.  Giddy with excitement.  You get the idea.

Today is Thanksgiving in the United States.  It’s a day to give thanks for all the blessings you’ve received during the last year, to pause and remember, to eat way too much, to visit with family members you’re normally too busy (or clever) to go and see.  I’ll be doing all of that, in North Georgia only a few hundred feet from the land I used to prowl with my grandfather as he instilled a love of growing things in me, and as I learned to love the red earth and its magic.  (In spite of being raised in Scarlett O’Hara’s hometown, the love of the land was just about all I had in common with her.)

I have much for which to feel grateful, during this past year and over a lifetime.  And I bet you do, too.

The first little harvest seemed a fitting photo to send you all my wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving Day 2009!  May you eat too much turkey, and finish off with pumpkin pie and whipped cream, and not argue with your annoyingly opinionated uncle, and laugh so much it brings tears to your eyes.

And if you aren’t celebrating this holiday, well, may your day be nonetheless full of wonderful things to fill your heart with gratitude.

(Note:  Oops!  I accidentally pressed publish one day early.  Well, many of us won’t be reading blogs tomorrow anyway, I guess, so it’s better to send out wishes now.)


8 Responses to “first harvest”

  1. Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow Meredith! Jonesboro, GA? I hope you have a wonderful day. It is my favorite holiday because I get to see my entire family all at once.

    A glorious bounty from your garden indeed.

  2. That is a bit of trivia that lodged in my head. 🙂 My mom, her sister and brother had 9 children between them, so with spouses, children and now grandchildren, it adds up to a lot of people.

  3. I’ll likely not have time tomorrow so I wanted to stop by tonight and wish you and yours the happiest, most delicious of Thanksgivings. Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. You were right to be bursting with pride – what a lovely gathering from the garden!

    I hope you and F. have a fabulous Thanksgiving!

  5. Hi Meredith,
    I am just came to your blog for the first time. My husband and I have a farm and on Thanksgiving we made a pie from scratch- using pumpkins we had grown and lard we had rendered from our pigs. There is nothing as exciting as knowing you can feed yourself. I took pictures of our pie making- Congrats on your garden and enjoy.

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