cross your fingers

My DSL has been down since the rains on Tuesday evening, and this morning an AT&T technician told F. there is no problem whatsoever with our connection and no sign that there ever was a problem.  He was here for less than two whole minutes to do his stellar detective work.

Of course, 30 minutes later, we had no service again. We have service as I type this, after none for most of the day, but it might flicker out again before I press publish.  (Excuse me if I don’t risk losing everything yet again by doing a “preview” proofreading.)

I managed to post the yarrow flower via F.’s cell phone this week, but it wasn’t exactly a simple procedure.  And this means I’ve now missed posting 2 more days, bringing me to a grand total of 3 missed days during this approximately 100-day blog experiment so far.  (I’m tempted not to count those last two, though.  They should properly be put down to the phone company’s account instead.)

Anyway, cross your fingers I will be back to posting regularly starting, well, today.  This week’s blog adventure has been a little frustrating, but all due to technical issues, not willingness or lack of ideas, thank goodness, and I cannot wait to get back to a normal writing (and reading!) schedule.  Meanwhile, for your enjoyment, this is a photo taken just after sunrise at our cabin this past weekend.  I posted it mixed into a series of shots on my other blog, but I really wanted to give this one some space to show itself off, as I was rather pleased with it.

Most of my shots of distant valleys and landscapes and people and city streets are not at all satisfying to my eye.  I’ve gotten lots of practice photographing plants and produce this summer, but not much else, and almost zero experience with portrait photography, as I have no willing victims subjects here.  F. becomes very uncooperative if there is a camera in the vicinity.  Sigh.

Hope everyone has had a wonderful week — and for those of you with blogs, I hope to do more than a cursory drop-in this weekend!

Post scriptum:  When I pressed publish, the DSL was down again.  So much for writing a quick post. To be continued…

4 Responses to “cross your fingers”

  1. I can empathize with your DSL woes – I think everyone’s had those times when all signs point to “yes” but the equipment says “no”.

    I think your forest shot is gorgeous!

    While you may not have confirmed it yet, your post went through just fine!

    I hope you have a fantastic weekend and that the internet fairies stop playing games with you!

  2. Aside from internet woes, the photo is lovely. The Blue Ridge mountains – a gift.

  3. […] upon us.  I’ve been known to push until I made myself sick.  Maybe I should be writing the befuddled phone company technician a thank-you note.  That morning, he may have been acting as a wise messenger, without knowing […]

  4. Thank you both for your encouragement 🙂

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