colorways of the season

Some rare color combinations appear in autumn.  In the spring, when I made this blanket for a Mother’s Day gift, I commented to F. that my color choices reminded me of the season, itself.  Even if some of the pairings were a little unexpected, I could still find every one in the yard or the forest somewhere.  Now that the season is winding down, I find myself seeing some of those same color combos from the spring, and some that are even more unusual.

It’s funny, because in my mind autumn colorways are so mellow and perfectly matched.  And they are beautifully coordinated, of course; the way Nature layers colors and textures, and even sounds and scents, almost always works.  Yet would I choose to mix rich gold, scarlet with burgundy lowlights, and pale grey-blue in a blanket I was making?  Probably not.  Some of the Mission Falls 1824 yarns come close to the colors I’ve seen in nature, but I don’t know if I’m quite that daring.

This photo kind of makes me wonder if I should give it a try, though.

5 Responses to “colorways of the season”

  1. […] Of course, there’s plenty of reasons to watch my feet, too, as I walk.  Mostly so I don’t trip over a protruding root.  But also for what I might have otherwise missed, like the pine cone below and this still life on the forest floor. […]

  2. Nature clashes colors brilliantly and unapologetically. It’s a liberating sight to see artistically.

  3. Nature is the best inspiration for color combinations, isn’t it?

  4. Talon, has anybody ever admired you for your word choice? If not, let me be the first. That first sentence is inspired. And yes, I agree, Nature does it “unapologetically.” May I learn to do the same with my artistic choices!

    Lynn, can you believe that until that blanket this spring, I’d never used nature as a color guide? More like an internal sense — but I’m coming to recognize that that sense is quite timid and *trained* a certain way. If I want to break out, I’ll probably need to take some inspiration from Nature 🙂

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