the last one

I think this may turn out to be my last shot of a cardinal climber blossom for 2009.  I didn’t realize it at the time, of course.  A lot of my favorite plants have shut down now, even though we haven’t had our official first frost yet.  How appropriate that the flower looks like it’s standing in a spotlight on a darkened stage, at the close of a scene.

Reminds me of that classic shot with the rose in American in Paris, a musical I practically memorized in high school when I thought it was the bees’ knees.  Does anybody else know the scene I’m talking about?  An unseen hand is holding a fat, velvety red rose at the end of Gene Kelly’s amazing, technicolor dream scene, and it trembles delicately in the spotlight, everything around it faded to black, as we contemplate the tragic end of a great love.

But, of course, everything turns out all right in the end.  Let’s not get too melodramatic about it.

4 Responses to “the last one”

  1. Lovely job on the photograph. And I loved that film, too and remember that scene well. I have a Gershwin CD of An American in Paris and love to play it.

  2. I love the lingering impact of art. Why don’t they make musicals for film anymore?

    That is a lovely and fitting shot.

    • Well, Chicago was pretty good. And what was that other Baz Luhrmann one? Moulin Rouge! (I almost forgot the title, oops! Good show, though, esp. Nicole Kidman’s work, I thought.) And F. pointed out that even Lars von Trier, one of his favorite directors, has made a musical, Dancer in the Dark, the one starring Bjork.

      But I know what you mean… those days of the musical as movie heyday are basically over 😦 It’s a rare thing to find a musical on film nowadays…

      And what a wonderful way to phrase it: “the lingering impact of art.” You do know how to turn a phrase, Talon.

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