late-blooming pink

This is the one pink garden portrait that did not come from my day trip to Park Seed/Wayside Gardens.  This shade-loving panicle was discovered growing back in the woods. I’d seen the plant it came from many times before, and frankly, do not find it attractive.  It looks like the kind of thing that would thrive absolutely anywhere — but oh, so ugly, with big, dark, leathery leaves and every part of the plant looking too sharp or too rough.

So that this beautiful, delicate flower structure was a total surprise, arising as it did in late September.  Talk about a late bloomer!

That is, of course, why breast cancer is so terrifying, and so sad.  With every life it takes, we’re left to wonder what blossoming the world has been deprived of.

We need to find a cure; don’t we?

Thanks for joining me for a month of pink Thursday posts in honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

2 Responses to “late-blooming pink”

  1. It is wonderful to find beauty in something that initially seems ugly.

  2. Even something we think is ugly can have delicate beauty if we look hard enough and have some patience.

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