hot pink thursday

Whoa.  This post turned out so bright* that even I don’t want to spend much time looking at it.

Don’t worry.  I’m urging you to go somewhere else instead.  And quickly!

When was the last time you gave yourself a breast self-examination?  If you need some guidance, click that link back there, which will take you to the thorough instructions, with diagrams, at  If you’re male, this may include you, and here’s the guidelines to which you’d refer.

If you’d like some more information, such as why and how often you should do the self-exam, you can check out this FAQ.

If you’ve already done your breast self-exam for the month, you can always check out this exciting post.

Now hurry, save your eyes!

*It’s a gorgeous photograph when printed.  But the background color for the blog is chosen by the wordpress theme and not by yours truly, and clearly a computer program — not having eyes or headaches — can’t recognize the unpleasant sensation caused by an overload of hot pink.

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  1. Amazing detail in the wing!

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