I won’t post more than a few sentences today.  This glorious weather is calling me outside to plant the winter flowers:  pansies with velvety black “faces” and orange violas with purple “whiskers” and random splashes as if someone got overenthusiastic about the paint job.

Did you know that a pansy’s name comes from the French word pensée, meaning thought?  I always wondered what kind of thoughts inspired such a strange association.  I don’t feel that thoughtful when I stare at a group of these cheerful blossoms.  Apparently, it’s because the early breeders thought those black splotches looked like human faces.  Hence:  thought.

So sorry to be contrary, but I just don’t think those “faces” look like faces — and if they do resemble faces at all, they are flower faces.  Friendly ones, I grant you, but not exactly doctoral candidates.  Pretty little airheads, if first impressions are anything to go by….

Anyway, I want the flowers in my garden all winter to stop the compulsive stream of thinking for just a few moments as my eyes feast on Beauty in a somewhat barren landscape.

Perhaps it’s time to rename these flowers?  Can you think of any good alternatives?


3 Responses to “pensées”

  1. My grandmother used to plant pansies in beds surrounding some of her big trees – I have always liked them for their happy look and hardiness. I cannot imagine calling them anything else. 🙂

  2. I always thought pansies looked like Groucho Marx…but I’m strange – lol!

    Enjoy your time in the garden! I envy you planting!

  3. wonderful the name is already great maybe happy faces!

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