déjà vu

These seedlings are some of the last radishes planted for the fall extension garden.  I think these are called Misato Rose, and I probably planted them a wee bit too late — and didn’t thin them on schedule, either, with all the day job work overload.

But hey, life happens.  We can always eat radish sprouts instead of finished radishes.  (Mmm… radish sprouts on roast beef sandwiches.)  And just watching the seedlings in process has lifted my spirits a few notches already.

Springtime déjà vu keeps popping up unexpectedly in these mellow autumn days.  Yesterday it hit strongly when I realized the hummingbirds had definitely migrated for the season, and before I let myself get really sad, I thought, this is just like early spring, before they’ve come to visit me.  Then as I turned my head, the little plot of radishes and baby spinach caught my eye, doubling the impression I was back in March again.

Don’t know why, but this echoing through the seasons brought tears to my eyes.  Maybe it’s just affirmed for me all over again that all we ever have is Now.  Whatever that now looks like.  And whenever I notice that precious moment, really sink down into it, I find myself at the center of infinite beauty.

Even down to the tiniest details, like a radish sprout so new from the ground it’s still wearing a bit of clinging dirt.

2 Responses to “déjà vu”

  1. Lovely. Nature is always reminding us that when we get lemons, we can can make a truly marvellous lemondade. The circles of life are never more apparent than in the garden.

  2. Just spent a spiritually-restorative Friday catching up on your blog…thanks for sharing your moments with us

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