natural abundance

Does anybody out there have personal experience preparing rose hip jam?

I want to ask a few questions before I launch into a major project anytime soon.  The rose hips look ready now, though.  Sigh.  Doesn’t it always happen this way? You’re busy, busy, busy, and something’s at peak ripeness and demanding your attention — and that scenario isn’t limited to the kitchen garden, I know.

There must be a million of them out there on the edge of the forest, slowly turning red.  We had a thicket of wild roses blooming over there in April.  Looked like some relative of the Cherokee Rose I know and love.  And now there’s this wild abundance of unsprayed rose hips right outside my kitchen door, and I’m not sure I have time to make use of the bounty.

Taking on too many projects is exactly how I get myself in trouble.

But I abhor waste.  And I do so love rose hip jam.  My eyes keep drifting over there when I’m outside… almost of their own volition.

Shoot me an email at gardenforvictory@live dot com if you have any experience with this and wouldn’t mind sharing.  I’ll be grateful, I promise.

One Response to “natural abundance”

  1. rose hip jam? oh honey, that sounds like love.

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