missing the heat

We’re calling this Indigo; okay?  It looks close enough to pigment indigo for me — and I’m kind of glad this is the last time I’ll have to decide whether something is indigo or violet.  It’s much harder than I thought.

The newest Ichiban eggplants are growing in circles.  As though they are shivering with the abrupt change in temperature and would like to wrap their arms around their bodies for a little heat.  At least, I’m assuming the seasonal changes have something to do with this odd-looking phenomenon.  They’ve been growing in pendulous, elongated teardrops the whole summer, hanging straight down.  Hard to believe they would suddenly lift up their plump little ends and curl them back up to their stems if they didn’t have a lot of motivation.  And I read that eggplants prefer the hot, sunny weather and do not appreciate the cool.

Poor things.  I wonder if they’ll still taste good.  Only one way to find out, really….

One Response to “missing the heat”

  1. Lucky you to grow aubergines! We bought some of the long slim ones on holiday, glasshouse grown but directly from the growers house, they were so delicious. I can’t imagine the curliness will make any difference…

    Thanks for visiting mine, you photos are quite mouthwateringly beautiful.

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