true blue (and red) friend

What is it with the bugs this week?  First the fire ants, then the designer mystery bug, then the bumblebee with fat knees, then the ladybug-in-a-raincoat bug.  I think I ought to belatedly declare this to be insect theme week on Victory Garden Redux.

This little one was afraid of me, unfortunately.  After the first flash, she scooted away from me.  After the second, I looked up and she’d disappeared.  She turned out to be hiding on the underside of the okra leaf.  And when I poked my head under there to check on her, she freaked out and flew way over to the remaining tomato plants.  I tried to follow discreetly.  But she saw me coming and made hell-for-leather for the treeline.

Still, she’s lovely.  I would be her true blue friend if she would let me.  She was just conscious enough of me and my potential to not give me that chance.

However, I am already her true blue friend, although she doesn’t know it, in that the area under my control does not contain any substances that will harm her.  Unless she has a natural predator.  In that case, don’t blame me for how Mother Nature constructed this eat-and-be-eaten planet.  I can’t quite figure it out, either.

If that part of the plan bothers you a bit, too, I highly recommend a read through Annie Dillard’s A Pilgrim at Tinker Creek.  Not that she finds all the answers.  Or any of them, really.  It’s just that she wrestles with the questions in such a beautiful and poignant way that reading it will actually change you.

(This tiny bit of robin’s egg blue — and it was even more gorgeous in person — was all I could find for Capturing Beauty‘s Rainbow Challenge.  Good thing this is the last Blue Thursday in September.  I love blue, and yet it never occurred to me until doing this challenge that I planted almost no blue in the Victory Garden — an oversight I’ll have to remedy next year.)

3 Responses to “true blue (and red) friend”

  1. I think she looks a bit like a superhero! And just imagine what giants we look like to our bug friends. 🙂

    I will definitely check out Annie Dillard’s book – I am always up for a good recommendation. Thanks for that.

  2. Lynn said it best. : )
    She is beautiful… yep, she.

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