the jig is up

Remember how I was on the lookout for the postmodern-designer insect who’s taken up residence in the kitchen garden?  And I was kind of worried about my sanity…

Well, now I can quit worrying.  He revealed himself today during a break in the rain.

When I first glanced down at this little guy in the parsley, he was flexing his wings as though to fly.  So I said to him, “Could you hold on just one minute so I can photograph you?”  And then he got really still and waited for me to take his portrait.  (I promise, I am not making this up.)

He wasn’t even disconcerted by my leaning down closer and closer — or by the flash.

But as the flash went off, I thought, “Oh, no, he’s trapped.”  You know how some insects get caught in the tension in a water droplet and cannot get out?  That’s what I thought had happened when his shiny shell caught the light.  I was ready to free him however I could, perhaps by bursting the tension of the lingering raindrop, and leaned forward until my nose was inches from him.  That’s when I realized who he was.

This bug is wearing a see-thru rainslicker.  A designer mackintosh, if you will.  Notice how it even has a matching rain hat.  Did he make it from a discarded contact lens that fell out of our trash bin?  I’m forced to consider the possibility.

And it’s such a professional cut!  I might have to ask the bug to teach me to sew.  (I’m starting sewing lessons with a human in October, Goddess willing, which I’m so excited about as I’ve wanted to learn for years — but I doubt if my human teacher has these kinds of skills!  I mean these are mad skills!  It’s practically form-fitting, but it’s not too tight.)

So the jig is up.  Yep.

3 Responses to “the jig is up”

  1. Victory Garden Project Runway Redux.

  2. Really neat – personalized bubble wrap!

  3. I have never seen anything like that!

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