eggplant question

This post will be a little more down-to-earth than my usual ones.  And that is because I’d like to ask a question of the expert gardeners out there who might (probably not, but maybe…) be reading this blog.

What the heck is that marking on the eggplant?

I’ve had nearly perfect eggplant all summer long from the Ichiban plants.  By “perfect,” what I mean is they look like the picture of the eggplant on the seed packet or in the gardening catalog — with the occasional tiny blemish.  Comparatively, this is a lot of damage.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still going to be eating it.  Maybe this weekend.  I found a new recipe for curried eggplant soup that has piqued my curiosity.  And we haven’t made salata de vinete in about a month.  Come to think of it, salata de vinete will be an ideal use for this fruit, as the skin is removed after cooking anyway.

I’m tempted to view this little design with a whimsical bent.  The garden fairies decided to get out their sketch pens and let loose.

But I’m also slightly concerned that I have no idea what caused this.  Zip, zero.  So clueless that all my attempts at searching for a cause came up to nothing.

It’s definitely Violet, though; isn’t it?  (I have so much non-primary-colored material now in the backlog that I am considering not continuing the Rainbow challenge through the rest of the month.  Fair warning that we might soon be headed back to browns and mottles and in-betweens, plus hundreds of shades of green.)

2 Responses to “eggplant question”

  1. I am terrible at gardening, but thought I would just say how beautiful the purple (or violet) of your eggplant is. And the thought of garden fairies is delightful. I think that is what happened – they decided to put a design on it. 🙂

  2. I like the faery idea – gorgeous calligraphy. I wish I could tell you what has caused the markings, but I don’t know.

    And, yes, it’s definitely violet!

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