the in between

Can you decide?

During my photographic odyssey into the garden yesterday to search for material for Capturing Beauty’s rainbow challenge, I found this dying morning glory blossom.  Something of a conundrum.  There’s red and violet there.  I can even pinpoint a bit of pigment indigo.

I’m having fun with the R-O-Y-G-B-I-V challenge.  It turns out the garden is just packed with primary colors, and so often I’m paying attention to more subtle or practical details, like what insect might be causing these pinholes.  Focusing on the spectrum is just another lens of the millions through which one can view a garden, and I’m appreciating the view.

But I don’t want to forget the point of this blog in the process, which is to get something written every day and to share what I find with all of you.

So this won’t be a response to the challenge.  Though it’s stunning, that color is indefinable.  Good.  I happen to like things that defy categorization.  And I wanted to pass along another example of how beautiful and surrendered death can be in the garden.  These are the transcendent moments that keep me paying close attention when I’m out there in the dirt.

We’re all in the dirt all the time — sometimes we’re in it up to our necks.  I believe finding and sharing Beauty is one way we can keep sane, that just living these unexpected moments when that shimmering something peeps through may be a way to stay on our unique paths and moving forward, rather than sinking down into the mud.

Namasté, y’all.

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