happy anniversary

Victory Garden Redux is now one month old.  It all started one month ago when I wrote this post and nervously pressed the Publish button.  It took me over a half-hour to get up the nerve, which now seems ludicrous to me.  And almost 50 posts later, here we are.

Pretty cool, huh?

May I just add that I am truly grateful for all my readers and fans?  I love the gracious compliments and the critical feedback, in both the comments section and all the e-mails.  You’ve brought me to joyful tears and made me smile along the way.  We are definitely participating in a two-way conversation, and you close the loop and make it worthwhile when you share your thoughts.  I love it when you write to me!  Thank you so much for reading along and contributing your own energies to this blog.

This blog which is now a month old.  Happy anniversary!

2 Responses to “happy anniversary”

  1. I strongly suspect this is some special effect in a sci-fi movie. 😉
    Wouldn’t it be nice to have such a movie where the special effect were in fact images from the nature?

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