circus performer

For some reason the buds of the orange cosmos make me think of a circus tent.  I love the burgundy and chartreuse stripes, and that’s normally not a color combination I would be into.  (Well, come to think of it, one year I did do a “dollar store” Christmas tree using only those colors plus bright, glittery gold, and I got lots of compliments.)

Can you imagine that turns into this, though?

It’s rather encouraging.  No matter what state my life is in now, whether I’m satisfied with my level of development (and I’m generally not) in different areas of my life pie — spiritual, physical, adventure — there’s no telling what it’ll look like in the next few months.  Or years.  Every stage is so different.

Just three seasons ago, I was in a different city, with different housemates, just barely aware of a life-changing event on the horizon.

Looking back three years ago, I’m awed by how much I’ve grown and changed, and also a little proud of that woman for holding steady and keeping the faith.  I feel grateful, humble, blessed.

I want to keep growing and evolving like that.

How about you?  Take a peek back to three seasons ago and three years ago in your life.  Can you see areas of your person that were still tightly furled in a bud, that have now unfolded?

Of course, to complete the metaphor, I’ll need to post a photo of some cosmos seeds.  Luckily, I’ve got some for later.  I planted every single seed I bought, but these plants are prolific producers of very distinctive (read:  weird) seeds.  You’ll see.  Perhaps winter, when we’re all feeling more dormant and contemplative.  Then we can all look way back.

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