sage in focus & a giveaway

I think I’ve finally figured out why sage is called “sage.”

Do you see what I’m talking about?  I think this close-up picture makes it obvious.  But F. couldn’t guess, even though the name sage comes from the Latin and he speaks a Romance language as his mother tongue.  We are all observing through such different lenses, even when confronted with the same views.  (Isn’t that fascinating?)

The first person to e-mail me with the answer I came up with — or a better one! — as to why our ancestors may have named this herb as they did, I will mail you a packet of seeds.  (You can even make requests for plants you’d like or maybe have enjoyed seeing in these pages, although I’m not a store and I cannot make any promises re:  availability.)

I wonder if any of you will see the same thing I have seen by staring at a sage plant.  But I’m really looking forward to hearing the creative explanations.  Surprise me!  Show me things I’ve never seen through my personal, limited lens.  I’ll publish the winner’s explanation and my own in a future post.  Good luck!

Oh, I guess you might need my e-mail address.

3 Responses to “sage in focus & a giveaway”

  1. sage= the leves have a brain matter texture? off to google!!

  2. LOL, judi! I never thought of googling it. Maybe just stare at it a moment… see what the leaves say to your painter’s eye.

  3. Hey, M.E.

    What about the fact that the leaves look a little like a tongue? Maybe this is where “sage advice” came from? In my little bit of research, there seems to be a strong connection between the Latin name (salvia) and the purported healing properties of sage.

    Is this along the lines of what you were going for?


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