A nasturtium leaf could have done just as well (better?) for The Four’s simplicity prompt.

There was some confusion yesterday about the title, “number 20.”  That referred to the fact that the yellow pear was the 20th – and final – tomato plant I put into my kitchen garden this summer.  “Number 20” was actually my 19th post in this photographic journal.

This is the 20th post.  You are here.

And this is a very repetitive entry – except for the visual.  Just go and stare into the white-eyed center of that leaf for a moment.  It’s a good meditative focal point, and we don’t really need to worry about whether my words are inspired this morning.  I’m just getting a little writing done every single day, no matter what, and trying not to judge the quality too harshly.

(Cross your fingers that practice makes perfect.)

One Response to “simplicity”

  1. […] be entitled Infatuation.  I’ve been head-over-heels this summer for the simple, yet classic, leaf form, the bright blooms with holes in the back for the bees to come in, and the way everything is held […]

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