number 20

This beauty is the result of a pure whim.  I was buying a tomato cage (which I will never do again, by the way – they are absolutely useless for my 10- and 12-foot plants) and just had to grab one more tomato plant, because I have always wanted to grow the heirloom Yellow Pear.  I almost didn’t, though, chiding myself that this would be number 20, and really, 19 was already ridiculous!  But I did, planting it in a big pot in late June, wondering if it would even fruit before the frost.

Obviously, it caught up to the others just fine.  And though the first dozen “pears” were a little bland and mealy, each one thereafter has been just delicious, with an intensely sweet but still recognizably tomato-ey taste.  Much better than Juliette, our prolific garden star.  I would choose “Yellow Pear” for sweetness over the hybrid grape tomato any day.

Plus, the fruits are just lovely.  I stare at these probably as much as I do any flower in my garden.  That deep golden glow emanating from a tiny little pear shape.  It’s kind of basic, but what’s not to like?

Oh, and I’ve made this my response to prompt number 16, “Simplicity,” by The Four.  I hope you can see why.

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