as promised

Cardinal climber in flower.  And yes, the hummingbirds do love them.  The bees are interested, too.  Truly, this is a wonderful vine – and easy to grow from seed.  Nothing was required of me except a little patience.  (Of course, that may be asking a lot in my case.  But gardening has other benefits besides the sensual pleasures of scents, sights, textures, and tastes.  Supposedly it builds character, the virtues of patience and diligence, and gets me to practice graceful surrender in the face of events I cannot control.  There has been a general, steady improvement this season – although “graceful surrender” is not generally in my emotional vocabulary.)

Don’t you just love the tropical-looking leaves?  Because the foliage is so finely divided, it’s always full of light and shadow and seems to shimmer when the wind blows.

Only a couple of hours after it had opened, a nectar-drunk bee had trailed some grains of white pollen out onto the edge of the trumpet.  I think it adds to the blossom’s charm.  What do you think?

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