can we share?

Organic gardening is definitely about changing your mindset.  If two parasitic wasps can share a tiny flower and not fight over it, carefully dancing around one another for almost 20 minutes, then I can share my garden with the insect kingdom and the few animals and birds that are interested.  And we can choose to share our planet and not take everything for the humans.  If we continued on our present course, there wouldn’t be anything left for the humans, either, as at some point on this trajectory we shut down our life support systems.  I don’t think we’re going to get there, though.

I’m not being naively optimistic.  People really are waking up.  We are participating in the mother of all movements.  It has lots of different faces — protecting the environment from toxins, facing up to the consequences of peak oil, slow food, relocalization, going organic, transition towns, fighting factory farms and animal cruelty, the simplicity movement, permaculture, the 100-mile diet, carbon footprints, etc. — but I do believe we’re witnessing a vast awakening.  It just doesn’t look like anyone expected it to look — and because it is occurring organically, on so many different fronts, with such variety, often in tiny little groups, the media can pick it apart and categorize it and make it seem like it’s not as huge as it is.  But when you take a wider lens, the view is awe-inspiring.

It’s pretty exciting.  We can do this.  We can change the course of history.

This week, I challenge you to share something you don’t usually even consider sharing.  Get outside your comfort zone.  Let’s playfully relearn one of the greatest lessons of kindergarten.

One Response to “can we share?”

  1. Not enough has been made of the power of sharing.

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