tangerine dream

Beautiful; isn’t it?

I don’t know why I prefer these kinds of blowzy photos (and live views) of the garden.  Probably because when Mother Nature does chaos, it looks like order to me.  Or rather, there is a wonderful and imminently mysterious order to the apparent chaos of untouched places in this world.  It only looks disorderly when I approach it through the lens of the conditioned mindset modern Western culture has given me, with its predilection for monoculture, predictability, geometry.  But I never did enjoy coloring within the lines….

Even though you could hardly call the kitchen garden untouched, I haven’t seen the need to mess with it much lately, and it shows.  I mostly use nasturtium leaves and blossoms for salad garnishes, and it’s been way too hot to grow salad greens for a while now.  For the time being, I’ve just been letting them be — which I believe is about the nicest thing you can do for any person, any animal, or any living thing.

I love the yellowing of the more aged leaves, the pinholes taken as a spicy feast by some friendly bug, the curling of the leaves as they struggle to compensate for the lack of rain during these hot August days.

One Response to “tangerine dream”

  1. I am crazy about nasturtiums too! Won’t be blooming here for many months. Your blog is lovely.

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